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Corinne Vonaesch was born in 1970. She discovered and investigated artistic expression during her secondary education, in « visual arts » section. Self-taught, she then pursued her artist's route, gradually developing a personal pictorial expression. Therefrom arises a coloured and contrasted painting, mainly inspired by the surrounding world and the internal representations of the artist - both filled with characters, faces and feelings.


Through her painting, Corinne Vonaesch ceaselessly investigates and questions the human being, his interiority and his spirituality. Faces and represented characters are often turned towards themselves; they are purified. The spectator is therefore driven towards his own internal world, which he can investigate by means of the picture.


Another important source of inspiration follows from the Bible. In particular, two series illustrate famous texts : " The colors of Gospel - John's Gospel in 21 paintings " and " The seven days of the Creation" (Genesis). This spiritual dimension feeds the exploring of a contemporary Christian iconography, confronted with a double challenge: giving religious illustrations a renewed place into our present image society — as well as in the Church — while, in the same time, proposing a new representation of biblical stories, already represented by many other artists.


Corinne Vonaesch’s painting is engaged. It guides the spectator towards his own human profoundness.



Personnal exhibitions 

2016 Exhibition in the Temple of Fusterie from 12 to 23 april, à Geneva (GE)

2013 Exhibition in the center of Crêt-Bérard, to Crêt-Bérard ( VD)

2012 Collective exhibition in MBA Museum of biblical art in Texas in the 2012 MBA 8x8 holiday exhibition (USA)

2012 Exhibition in the Foyer du Collège-du-lac à Villeneuve (VD)

Collective exhibition in the Gallery Arts Emotions in Collonges / salève (France)

2011 Exhibition of the series Gospel of John in Pennsylvania in Philadelphia Bibical University during tha all year of 2011 (USA)

2007 Exhibition of the series Gospel of John in Pennsylvania (USA)

2007 Exhibition in the Protestant parish of Servette-Vieusseux ( GE)

2005 Collective exhibition to the White Stone Gallery in Pennsylvania (USA)
        Permanent artist

2004 Exhibition in the temple of Sarraz, in the Sarraz ( VD)

2003 Exhibition in the center of Crêt-Bérard, to Crêt-Bérard ( VD)

2001 Exhibition in ForuMeyrin ( GE)

2001 Exhibition in the center of meetings of Cartigny ( GE)

2000 Exhibition
of the series Gospel of John in the evangelic church la Fraternelle, to Nyon ( VD)

1998 Exhibition Colors
of the series Gospel of John in the Protestant center of Bernex-Confignon ( GE)

1994 Exhibition on the television center of Geneva ( GE)

1993 Exhibition in the Gallery K ( GE)