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DVD "Gospel of John" 

               Illustrations of the notebook
"Calvin, the friend of God"

Discover a multimedia manner to bring the Word of God today. The Gospel of John is proposed to you in images, words and music. Travel your way through biblical texts with the bright and colored images painted by artist Corinne Vonaesch, and to the sound of the Biblical texts and magnificent pieces for the piano. A beautiful piece of work, convenient for meditation and intended for a wide public.


Tableaux : Corinne Vonaesch

Piano : Christophe Chalamet

Voix de : Myriam Sintado et Thomas Laubacher

Production : Corinne Vonaesch



Duration: 55 minutes

On the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the birth of the reformer Jean Calvin, in 2009, Corinne Vonaesch illustrated a notebook drafted by Jérôme Cottin, and entitled " Calvin, the friend of God ". This small work was published by the « Editions du Signe » in French, German, Italian, Rumanian, Polish and Korean.